Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Nothing important happened, but I just miss posting everyday about my day. I am definitely feeling more and more comfortable in school as the days go by, and it is kinda sad that I am leaving in two months.

Today I saw Sam straight to his eyes, and I realized he is not as cute as I thought he was. I mean, I always see him from the side, not from the front, and today I was like "wait a second, that's Sam?." But I am a stubborn person, and I don't care how ugly he can get, I still like him.

Then I was going to astronomy, and I always see him on my way there because he has physics right next door. And this time he was there, talking to a guy from my class, and I kinda felt like he was there for me. I know he probably wasn't. I know there are 99% chances that he was there to talk to his friends. But I don't know, when I walked next to them they were saying "uhmm, yeah, you know, soccer". That's what they said, and right after I went into the room, Sam left. I know, I am making up stories in my mind, that's what I do. My friend Pop tells me that she feels like he feels something for me. But you know what?! I don't care anymore. I gotta follow the rule "If he likes you, he is gonna make it happen".

Talking about boys, I cannot get Morocho out of my mind. I remember him everyday. And as my life goes on, I believe less and less that it was fate. Maybe it was chance. Maybe we are never going to see again. And I just really hate sitting here, wondering what could have happened if I did not look like crap that day on the elevator. I just cannot forget the day I saw him in the pool. It was definitely love at first sight. I saw that brunette guy with those black and green glasses, and I fell in love... but like I always say: "Whatever is meant to be will work out perfectly".

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