Friday, September 30, 2011

He genuinely doesn't give a shit

Alex: Connor's never gonna call you
Gigi: oh really? how do you know?
Alex: because I'm a guy, and that's just how we do it
Gigi: he said it was nice meeting me
Alex: I don't care if he said you were his favorite female since his mommy. The week went by ok Gigi? And he didn't call you
Gigi: but maybe he did call and I didn't get the message, or maybe he lost my number, or he is out of town, or got hit by a car, or his grandma died
Alex: or maybe he just didn't call because he has no interest in seeing you again

But we had time against us,
And miles between us,
The heavens cried,
I know I left you speechless

Bucket List: Play A song in a guitar


I did it in 2010, when I was taking guitar lessons. I am not great at it, but I did pretty good.

A picture of you with a character

Waiting For Him

One of the biggest lessons life taught me during these 16 years of my life, is that "good things come to those who wait". Life and experiences taught me to be patience, to wait... because when something it is meant to be, it is gonna happen at the right time, with the right person, and for the best reason. So basically you just gotta wait for destiny to put it all together. Try, work hard, try to get it, you get to decide how hard you are willing to fight for it, but you don't get to decide when it is really gonna come, because the hardest battle is the time you are gonna have to wait for it.

I waited for Mason for a couple of years, it is actually more than anybody else might think. I waited, and I was patient. I have never ever been as patient as I was with him in my whole life. I knew that it was not gonna happen soon, and sadly, there was nothing I could do. So I waited, and kept going with my life. There was something inside me that told me "keep on waiting, it is gonna happen". So I did not freak out, I did not get obsessed, and I just waited.

A week ago I thought that the wait was finally over. I got all excited and obsessed about it, and I realized that I was wrong, he was not coming yet. I see how he does things with other girls while I'm here, waiting.

I know the wait is not over. And to be honest, I don't even know if it is ever gonna be over. But there is still something inside me telling me that it is meant to be, that I gotta be patient.

One of the biggest mistakes I made my whole life, specially with love, was the necessity of having everything RIGHT NOW. I was never patient, and I always got obsessed with things. Of course, they never came. The key is to be calm and to trust fate. To trust that whatever is meant to be will work out perfectly.

So I'll keep on waiting. I will keep calm and eat cupcakes, or listen to Adele, or travel the world... I don't know. the thing is that I'm willing to keep waiting, just like I did for the last 3 years. And when I least expect it, I know he is gonna come.

Things worth having, are always worth waiting for. 

Happy Birthday

Well... happy birthday Jake! 

It feels weird. I miss him, specially today. But not in a romantic way, I just miss HIM. Talking to him, knowing how he is doing, and just knowing that he was there for me, because he really was a good friend. It meant the world to me that after a year of leaving Argentina he kept talking to me. I miss that. And today it is his birthday and I know that he forgot about me, which is fine, but it is sad that he could not handle a friendship with me. In part, it was my fault. I was the one that kept a distance, but because I needed him to know that I didn't like him the same way. But that doesn't mean I don't like him at all: I like him as a friend and as a person. 

Like I said, today it is his birthday and my birthday wish is not gonna mean what it meant last year because he has someone else that will give him the best birthday wish ever. I am not jealous, don't get me wrong. I am beyond happy for him. He truly deserved someone who liked him back and who could give him everything that I just couldn't. He is really a good guy.

I wish we could still talk to each other without it being awkward, or without expectations of something more. I wish I could just hug him, because he was a big part of the last year and a half. I know I deny it all the time, but he really meant a lot to me, just let me repeat it one more time: not in a romantic way, not in the way he wanted me to like him.

He could not handle a friendship with me, and I also could not handle the whole situation. Instead of letting him know how I really felt, I just stopped talking, and I treated him like he was nothing to me (like I always do), and that is probably one of the biggest mistakes I've ever done, because I threw a good friendship away. I swear I would send him a BBM right now telling how much I wish him a happy birthday and how much he means to me but no, I have to write on his wall saying "happy birthday" like everyone else, like he meant nothing to me, like he is a just some random dude, and I am some random chick and we don't even know each other.

Yeah, well... that's life.

Milagro de Abril - Alberto Plaza

Estarás esperando que un puñado de estrellas te vaya a buscar,
O estarás atascado en el borde del cielo y no puedes saltar,
No sé, no sé...
Estarás confundido, y no sabes la ruta que viene hasta aquí,
O será simplemente que no quieres venir.
Que será por qué tardas,
Por qué pasan los años y no estás aquí,

Corre, salta, despega,
Dale cura a este amor que no sabe morir,
No me niegues la risa,
Tócame con las alas milagro de abril.
Has venido mil veces, entre sueños te he visto jugar por aquí,
Pero igual que los peces al tratar de tocarte te arrancas de mi,
Por qué, por qué...
No será que te escondes,
Porque tu corazón desconfía de mi,
O será simplemente que no quieres venir.

Que será que no llegas,
Suelta al fin las amarras y ven hasta aquí,
Deja de ser poema,
Y transfórmate en carne semilla y cantín,
Corre, salta, despega,
Dale cura a este amor que no sabe morir,
No me niegues la risa
Tócame con las alas milagro de abril.
Que será que no llegas,
Este mundo ya es duro y más duro sin ti,
Que será por que tardas,
Por que pasan los años y no estas aquí,
Corre, salta, despega,
Dale cura a este amor que no sabe morir,
No me niegues la risa,
Tócame con las alas milagro de abril.

"If you jump, I jump right?"

This is the best scene in history of Hollywood. I mean, it portrays the way they have to let each other go, and how Rose gives everything up in the moment where she jumps back to the ship that was sinking. She is risking her life just to be with him. And that music while they run to see each other again... their faces, their expressions, the adrenaline... everything makes this scene, the most perfect scene ever.

A picture of your favorite celebrity

She's only loved for two things. The first was her long dark hair, and the second, was how easily she could cut it of... and feel nothing at all.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

“It's the boy you never told "I like you" it's the girl you LET get away.. It's the one you saw that day on the train but you freaked out and walked away..”

Is Herman Cain really Black?

Liberals seem very upset that black businessman and conservative, Herman Cain, is doing well in polling on the run-up to the Republican primary process. And why shouldn't they be? The black political stereotype is cracked beyond recognition by Cain's candidacy. Thieves-in-office such as Congressman Charlie Rangle (D-NY) and Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) tend to be the people that we think of when we think of the Black Congressional Caucus.

Liberal actor and lesbian issues activist, Janeane Garofalo feels as if Herman Cain is simply not 'black enough' and is the Tea Party's boy. Listen to her rant.

Herman Cain (born December 13, 1945) is an American businessman, columnist, and radio host from Georgia. He is the former chairman and CEO of Godfather's Pizza and a former deputy chairman (1992–94) and chairman (1995–96) of the board of directors to the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Before his business career he worked as a mathematician/civilian employee of the United States Navy. Cain's newspaper column is distributed by North Star Writers Group. He lives in the Atlanta suburbs, where he also serves as a minister at Antioch Baptist Church North. He's not a "Black Religion Theologist".

He simply doesn't fit the model of shiftless political gadfly Barack Hussein Obama Jr., the Reverends Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson and other 'famous, but useless' activists and political organizers. Herman Cain has actually had jobs with massive responsibilities -- which from a liberal point of view, paints him as dangerous and suspicious.

From a 'progressive' point of view, Herman Cain simply can't be trusted. Clearly (following Garofalo's logic), any Republican who supports Cain's candidacy must be a racist. His big win in Florida's straw poll is clear proof that Republicans are racists according to the progressive icons. It's a good example of how they think and how they process information.

Bucket List: Go to LA


Date: May, 2nd 2010.
With: my grandfather
Best day of my life by far. Definitely what I expected

El verdadero hombre te extraña y te llama. Te quiere y te lo dice.

Start Me Up / Livin On a Prayer - Glee Cast

Start me up
Start me up

Tommy used to work on the docks
Union's been on strike
He's down on his's tough, so tough

We've got to hold on ready or not
You live for the fight when it's all that you've got

Start me up
We're half way there
Livin' on a prayer
Start me up
We'll make it - I swear
Livin' on a prayer
If you start me up

Kick on the starter give it all you got, you got, you got
I can't compete with the riders in the other heats
I make a grown man cry
I made a grown man give it a shot

A picture of you in the water

"I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and... I believe in miracles" - Audrey Hepburn