Monday, May 28, 2007

The tatoo "hat"

What a load of crap, on sooooo many levels!!!
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Bikini The “slut mark” tattoo

An inquiry into the tribal tattoos on the lower back area of a woman.
In the early 1990s, a new tattoo style began to pop up on beaches and in night clubs all over the world. “Slut marks”, as they’d come to be known, are tattoos that can be found on the lower back area of a woman. These controversial and risqué tattoos have since drawn strong criticism from some, while garnering praise from others.

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A Vet Makes a Permanent Statement (with the assistance of an awesome artist!)

Wow. Just, wow.
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Looking for unique Tattoos? World Demise
A sleeve about the brutality of our modern imperialist wars, and a harbinger of things to come if we don't change the destructive, all-consuming course we're on. This is on a former serviceman who's seen some of the horrors firsthand...the same horrors that are packaged into glossy corporate-media soundbytes for naive americans about "freedom" and "democracy" and how we're supposedly saving the world, not helping destroy it. Funny sidenote: Adrian Dominic posed for all the zombie reference pics which were used for this. Which means that Jason has 7 little self-cannibalizing Adrian zombies on him. I, personally, would be psyched.
Studio: Transcend Tattoo Gallery web site
Location: Branford, CT
Phone: (203) 481-9372
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