Monday, November 28, 2011

We'll Always Have The Wristband

Today something really cute happened with Mason. When I went to California, on May of 2010, I got this "bracelet", which is actually more like a wristband, with the colors of reggae and Bob Marley which are red, greed, and yellow. It was like $1, but I loved it because I got it in Venice Beach, right in front of the ocean and the guy that sold it to me said "I know you'll be back to LA someday", which is my dream. So yeah, the thing meant a lot to me.

In that trip I got most of my friends something, like cheap stuff, but something from LA or Vegas to remember me as a California Soul (what? lol). The thing is that I didn't bring anything to Mason, and when he saw the wristband, he asked me if I could give it to him for a day. After that, he asked me if he could keep it. I said no, bu he insisted and it is impossible to say no to him, he is just... I don't know. But I told him how much it meant to me so I asked him to take care of it.

Anyway, a year and a half went by, he is dating someone and blah blah, and like I said, nothing ever happened with him. And today I decided to go to his Facebook and see some pictures, and I saw an old picture of him wearing it, and I said "ooh I gave that to him. I'm sure he doesn't have it anymore, but let's see." I didn't think he would still have it, but something inside told me he did. When I went to one of his newest pictures, he still had it, and it looks really, really old. I started looking close at all of his pictures, and he was wearing the wristband in every single picture, even if the colors are fading.

You have no idea how much that meant to me. I mean, it is a stupid wristband that you can get wherever you go, and after a year and a half, he is still wearing it. It may not mean anything, but maybe, just maybe... it does. I don't know. It is good to know that, beyond every thought, he kept it and he took care of it.

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