Monday, November 28, 2011

From Spanish Class

So I'm here in my Spanish class, and I've finished my work and the bell is gonna ring in like 3 minutes, but I just wanted to say that RIGHT NOW, I'm in Spanish class. So if I ever read this blog in the future, I'm gonna remember this normal day in my normal american school. Because someday everything is going to be over.

Well, after last night with my parents, my day was weird. But it is ok. I'm still upset with them. I tried to forget about it while I was in school though. When I went out of the lunch room, someone was behind me, like super close, and when I turned around it was S. I would like to see the face that I put when I noticed it was him. But during math class I completly forgot he was there which is awesome yayy I'm getting over him. And well, there is also a new guy <3 Just kidding, I don't really care about the new guy.

Anyway, I gotta go in 20 seconds. K bye

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