Monday, November 7, 2011


Grace was the name of that girl
The girl who left everyone begging for more
The girl who would make the others feel low
every time she walked through those doors

Her hair was straight like a blank paper
with golden stripes shining like the sun
Her eyes were blue and bright like the stars
captivating every guy's heart

She had confidence
She was the prettiest, and she had no doubt
How people felt about her
And how she felt about those guys

Girls wanted to be like her
Boys wanted to have her
Girls wanted to look at the world with those eyes
Boys wanted to own that smile

But Grace knew nothing
Grace was hallow and empty
Grace wanted to go further
Grace wanted to fly higher

She wanted to go beyond a simple grade
she wanted to have something better than bright hair
Grace was not happy like they thought she was
For her, beauty was not enough, it was just a simple mask

A mask to hide her feelings
A mask to hide her thoughts
A mask that would never show
the girl that she really was

She wanted to be like them
She wanted to know more
They would open their doors for her
But somehow, she could not go

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