Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Warning: nothing in this post is important, everything is irrelevant and I recommend you not to waste your time.

I just want to say that Harry Styles ruined my day (so far). I woke up and I saw that #askharry was TT Worlwide, so I spent 10 minutes asking him questions, and he never answered. Because of this, I had to do everything fast, and then when I got out of my house, I see that the bus was waiting for me at the end of the street, so I had to run with my bag, a coffee in my hand, and another bag with my gym clothes. Everybody in the bus saw me running for like 5 minutes or something, and then I was all sweatie, and I couldn't even breath. Besides, I ruined my hair, my make up, my outfit, everything. And it is all Harry Style's fault. I even told him that I was gonna be late if he didn't answer. But I get it, it was the #1 TT Worlwide on twitter, he must have got like 465816548156 questions. And then Niall did the same thing, but I didn't even know so I missed his answers. I hope they tweet me someday :(

I am also tired as hell. And my step mom is going to Phoenix this week, so I'm staying with my dad, which means I am going to have to take care of my sisters, and be some kind of mommy for a week. Which means I am not going to have as much time as I usually have to HAVE A LIFE. Well, I don't have a life anyway actually....  #SAD.

I'm in school right now, and the bell rings in 3 minutes so I better go fix my hair and stuff, and get ready for English, Math Analysis, History, GYM (I START GYM TODAY, I HAD HEALTH BEFORE #DIE), Astronomy, Spanish, and Italian. Wish me luck. Good luck Lola. Thanks. Bye. (?

 Update 5:42 pm:

The day was not that bad after all. There is a new guy in my math class who sits in front of me; he is not cute or anything (not at all) but he is supposed to be super friendly and cool, and it would be nice to be friends with him, and today we had to work together with another kid from our row and it was pretty awkward because I did not really know any of them, but he ended up being pretty cool. In History I could finally speak up super comfortable. Then I did not have to change for gym, and my class is super small, which is cool. In Astronomy we had fun and I felt comfortable too. In Spanish we had a super cool discussion about education for latin americans in the US, and it was really interesting, and then I didn't do anything in Italian. So it was a cool day :)

Then I came back and I watched Argentina vs Colombia: a disappointment as usual at the beginning, but ended up winning 2-1 FINALLY!!

And then I spent like 2 hours tweeting Niall Horan and trying to get some kind of response from him, and naah, 50 tweets for nothing, thanks God they do not cost money.

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