Saturday, January 20, 2007

Another Taste of Ink

So, I've spent the last couple of days wheezing and sneezing and sleeping and freezing. You guessed it, this cold snap (snap, my ass!!) is still kickin' our butts here in the High Desert of California. Out here on the ranch the pipes are still frozen under the house, and we're sharing a flu-bug.
I haven't gotten much of writing done, but I've been trying to get this BLOG hooked up with my Homeplace, with My Yahoo and trying to get RSS feeds everywhere, so all of you art and ink enthusiasts (and dare I hope readers of varied interest??), may have easier access to my ramblings.
So I'll be honest. I'm posting another (short) slideshow of pics from Friday at the BAE that I missed in the first one. I'm doing this solely for content. I'll get down to the real stuff soon.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Quick Look at the Expo

Whew!! What a day. Yes, the pipes are still frozen here in so-called Sunny Southern California. Nonetheless, I managed to get some work done for my (as yet unknown) Art/Ink/Tattoo enthusiasts to check out. Most of my day was spent editing photos from the Expo. Throwing out the junk, cropping the good stuff, saving for print and upload.

I'm running a new-ish iBook these days, and although it's a lil confusing for we old Classic Mac-users, I'm finally starting to get the hang of it. So finally, dinner's made and the pics are done and I'm kinda I really wanna start BLOGGING tonight? Hmmm....wellll.... (Yes, I am indeed a super procrastinator. Even when I want to do something it can take me forever to get started) So I'm thinkin' I'll start writing after I eat..maybe....

Then I notice this icon in my dock that I haven't really payed any attention to, because I haven't needed it. It's iPhoto. I click. Just to see what happens. I figure with all the very cool things that i-whatever programs are doing in Mac OSX, it's a good chance that this iPhoto does something neat besides upload from your camera.

Now when it comes to assembling things from a carton, (like a wagon, or a chainsaw, or an entertainment center), I read directions. I'm no computer wiz (or is that whiz, like cheese?) but Mac, being damned near indestructable has spoiled me and I tend to wander around clicking things until something happens that I like. (Which can really mess me up if I actually wanna do the same thing twice!!!)

I digress. The point is, that I made this very cool little slide show. Sort of a preview of coming attractions. I'll be BLOGGING in more detail here about some of these pics and people at this event, but I thought this might just whet your appetite. Enjoy!

Please forgive the misspellings. I haven't been able to click my way to a dictionary, yet!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Black Wave Tattoo Pics...

These are pics of Su'a Sulu'ape Freewind and Kate. He has just finished a small design behind her ear, and is working on an arm design.

Please visit Black Wave Tattoo for more info on this incredible culturally correct tribal and neo-tribal artist.

An interesting life...

   Isn't that a curse?? "May you live in interesting times". Yep. I think that's it. Well, we are definitely living in interesting times. I'd say it's interesting when I can spend an entire weekend at the Body Art Expo, come home to freezing weather and frozen pipes at the old family ranch, and then sit around bitching because I have it hard.
   Hard compared to what?? Compared to the families of the over 3,000 troops killed so far in Iraq? Compared to the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens killed so far?? Compared to kids suffering, orphaned, wounded, starving?? I dunno. But, that is a rant for a different BLOG, so let's keep this about tattoos today, okay? Okay!

       So We attended all 3 days of the Body Art Expo in Pomona, California this weekend. It was a blast as usual, and we renewed friendships and met new friends and saw a whole lotta awesome tattooed freaks! (Just like us).

      Friday started off slow, with the ice and snow storms in the pass (Cajon, 4,000' elevation), but we made it down and got checked into our hotel in Ontario and made it to the show by 1:p or so.

      The Group: Me; my partner/lover, Tam; and our good friend and client, Brad. We were ready. Sadly for me, the artist of several of my tattoos including my back piece in process, Judy Parker of Pacific Tattoo , was not there. Seems the promoters changed the usual date of the first weekend of the month for the show to the second, and it was a conflict for her. Bummer for me. (Not to mention that the first weekend in Jan was a beautiful, warm, sun-shiney one! Darn promoters) But I was prepared for a good time nonetheless. Shopping for supplies, and maybe, just maybe, a lil black work from Su'a Freewind of Black Wave Tattoo.

      And, I was determined to be brave and stand by the sidelines while a couple of my clients entered my/their ink in the contests. *shudder, shivvver* I was nervous!

      Friday was slow, wandering around the mnay stations and checking out the retail goodies. Where to start shopping?? Jimmy from Technical was his usual stylish, self with a great selection of Millenium (Moms); Intenze and Starbrite inks, machines and tubes and more...Superior Tattoo Equipment with its friendly sellers, lots of medical supplies, machines parts and power sources and "starter kits"...(And that, my friends, is a topic for another article in itself) Mithras needles, Iron Horse tattoos and machines, and lots more!

      There were alot of great artists present, but if I start naming names, then somebody'll be pissed cuz I left someone out, so I'll just say go HERE for a list of exhibitors, shops and artists. One of my favorite portrait artists was there, B.Z if you can dig that, and another one sharing his booth that I can never remeber his name, but I wanna say the shop is "Sin City"...I could be wrong, tho...

      More about the show, later. I gotta go edit and upload pics to go with the BLOG.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Tattoo writing

I'm so excited about the Body Art Expo this weekend. I'm only slightly less excited to have discovered that my artist, Judy Parker, isn't going to be there. So, poor me, no work on my back. Still, I'm thinking about seeing if I can get some work from Black Wave. I'm doing my left arm in black linework, not big thick tribal shapes, more like mehendi designs. I am thinking to see if Su'a Sulu'ape FreeWind will do a spiral on my elbow. If it doesn't cost too much. I was planning to spend $300 or so for a sitting on my phoenix, but I need a few supplies, so maybe I can spend a little less on ink. Still, I really want some new ink, and think it would be very awesome to be tapped. Very spiritual.

I'm going to take my journal and keep notes, impressions, etc. for BLOGGING. I'll take my camera, too. Hopefully, I'll be able to get T or B to take pics of me getting tapped. That would be great fun to post here. Hopefully, I'll see Brixton. My heart always sings to see him. This BLOG will be great fun, as I post my own journey as both a tattooist and as a collector.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Shaping the concept

I've been surfing around exploring the possibilities of making money blogging. I've also come upon some very creative barter sites; most notable is One Red Paperclip . As much as I love to write, I'm thinking of trying something with one or both of these concepts. Combined?? Not sure about that.
So my first idea is to BLOG about my experiences as an artist and ultimately as a tattoo artist. I know there is a big taboo in the industry on giving away information, but having taken the long road, so to speak, I'm not so sure I believe that a good thing. I think I could offer a valuable service with FAQ's, perhaps do some research on different licensing reg's for different states, counties and cities, offer advice, a calender...who knows what else would evolve??
I'll add this BLOG to the advertising sites and partnerships and hopefully through linking with other tattoo and art sites and BLOGs I'll be able to build traffic and interest. Of course, I'll link to my studio website as well, and perhaps that will generate more tattoo business.
I'd like to do a trade-up BLOG like One Red Paperclip, too, and I have some ideas about that, as well, but knowing my propensity for taking on too many things at once, I think I'll work on getting this one up and running first.