Sunday, November 27, 2011

No Strings Attached (For the first few months)

Last night I watched "No Strings Attached". I was not very exciting about watching it, because for some reason, this year there were like 4 movies about having a sex buddy and trying not to fall in love with him or her, and then of course, falling in love with him or her, and complicating everything, and then getting married and living happily ever after. So predictable. But I had nothing better to do, so I watched it and I ended up loving it.

 First of all, Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher make a great couple.

Second, I love the fact that they kept seeing each other without really trying, how fate kept bringing them together. First when they were kids, then at a party when they were in college, then in downtown LA at a random market, and then when he needed someone. Even though it is just a movie, it gives me hope that whatever is meant to be, will work out perfectly. 

Third, I love it how it all starts. They are just having fun, being friends, with no expectations at all. She is there to defend him, and he is there to just be with her.

Fourth, at the beginning they manage to have an amazing relationship: they are not dating, but they are there for each other, and they are just friends.

Fifth, even if they are not dating, he is the most amazing guy ever. I mean, when she has her period, he is there for her, even if he knows they are not going to have sex or anything, and he makes her soup and a period playlist. That's a MAN dude. That's what I call the perfect boyfriend.

Sixth, everything is so natural. They don't give a damn about looking good with each other and stuff. They say whatever they wanna say. They do whatever they wanna do.

Seventh, the viewer can relate to their characters and their emotions. I felt completely connected with both of them. I understood why she didn't want anything serious because I am like her; the kind of person who doesn't like romantic stuff and who is not good at communications. I also understood why he wanted to make a step forward, because he really liked her. And then I could feel the pain when she told him she missed him and he didn't say anything, and when she saw him with someone else. Believe me, I've been in that position, crying listening to Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis and eating like a pig, feeling like the world sucks without the guy I like.

And last but not least, at the end, after all they have been through, they know each other and they know they love each other because they cannot be without each other. EACH OTHER is all they need. And that's how it supposed to be. People usually make it all corny and cheesy at the beginning, and that can overwhelm the other person. You gotta go step by step. I love it how romantic it gets AT THE END, because after feeling his pain when she dumped him, and her pain when she saw him with someone else, the viewer can really feel the love between them, and that they are just meant for each other.

So yeah, this movie made me realize of what I'm looking for in a relationship and in guys. I mean, it showed me what I really want, and it helped me explain it and put it into words. Those 8 things represent the perfect relationship for me. Which is why I hate it when a stranger randomly tells me "You are hot, I wanna get to know you". Ok, WHOW. Wanna get to know me?! What the hell, say Hi to me first and then we'll see if I wanna get to know YOU. And that's something that happened to me with 3 guys in only one month. For some reason, I'm starting to take it not as an insult, but as some kind of disrespectful gesture from a guy. They think that a girl loves it when they tell her that she is pretty. But what about saying "Hi" first? We are in 2011, you don't have to tell a stranger that she is pretty, you can just like a few of her profile pictures and she'll get your point. I don't need a guy who thinks I'm hot, I just need a friendly guy who wants to talk to me because I look like a nice person. I feel like every time a guy starts a conversation by telling me I'm hot, they just care about how I look. And besides, I hate those kind of relationship. I hate it when it is obvious that the guy likes you. It is so predictable, and that's what I hate the most. Ashton Kutcher's character never tols Natalie Portman that she is hot, IT JUST HAPPENED NATURALLY.

So yeah, I'm gonna stick to this movie, and wait until a boy like that one comes to my life.

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