Friday, November 18, 2011

American Boys

Alright. So this is it. I am sick of this. Last week was this Mike whatever who kept texting me constantly. Now this new guy, who started talking to me as randomly as Mike, said that I am pretty and that he wants to get to know me. I mean, first of all, you don't say that to a stranger if you don't wanna creep the hell out of them; start being friendly first. And never ever say to some random girl that she is pretty and that you wanna get to know her (or at least do it in a super original way, without using the words "i wanna get to know you", that is just retarded). What you gotta do is talk to her, be friendly, flirt a little bit, but do not be that direct because that is just not natural. I know that's the way American guys work, but I am from another country where we do things differently, and this whole technique of telling a girl she is pretty out of nowhere is annoying me. Specially because it always happens with guys I don't like, and I would never ever like. Step by step boys, STEP BY STEP.

Guys should flirt with girls in a classy way, not trashy. And trashy is when they jump straight to the pool without even knowing if there's water in it. I mean, if you tell a girl without even knowing her that she is pretty and that you wanna get to know her, you have a small chance that she probably wants to do the same thing, but most of the time they are not going to be as interested as you, and by doing that creepy move, you are just making them feel waaaay less interested. You gotta know them first, without letting them know that you are trying to get to know them. You gotta do it naturally. You gotta be spontaneous, unexpected, funny, a little bit charming, and friendly. After that, you can tell the girl you like her, but do not give her your number when she hasn't asked for it, specially if she doesn't even seem to want your number.

So guys, let's try to make this a better world in terms of flirting and teen relationships. If you didn't really get my point, you should go to Europe or Argentina, where boys really know what they are doing, and know how to get a girl. Other wise, do not complain when girls say they want a British, Italian, or Aussie boyfriend.

But, I also gotta admit that sometimes, America guys can be the sweetest, cutest, and can maintain a real relationship for the longest time. And of course, American guys... ARE REALLY HOT. Right Morgan? Right Sam? Right hot-kid-that-I-saw-today-but-I-don't-know-your-name-yet? Right Kevin? Right Cody? Right dear seniors?

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