Sunday, November 6, 2011


So I had to be a mommy today for a few hours, because my step mom went to a cooking show or something like this, and I stayed helping my dad with my sisters. Since the time changed, my sisters think it's an hour later, so it was pretty stressful. Besides, my dad decided to go to the groceries store, so I had to take care of Isabella for tow hours, and when he came, everything was a mess with the groceries, my sisters we hungry and tired, they were both crying at the same time, the dogs were barking, my grandmother was on Skype talking about life, we could not even walk because of the bags of the groceries, we we had to cook... I mean, it was literally a mess. Which reminded me that even though I want to have a lot of kids, it's not happening any time soon. And when I say soon I mean a couple of decades...

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