Thursday, November 17, 2011

Out Of My Head

Like I said on my previous post, I saw Morgan today and I remembered how I used to feel about him. And I realized that Sam will never be what Morgan was for me. He will never mean that much. In fact, he was out of school yesterday and today, and I felt happy he was not there. I felt relieved. I felt like I did not have to pay attention to anyone. I felt free.

He is hot. He is adorable. He has the perfect personality. He is perfect. But... it is not meant to be. I feel like what I like about him is more superficial rather than sentimental or emotional, and I realized that the reason why I started liking him (after saying multiple times in the past that he was ugly), is because I also always said that he kinda looked like Morgan. And since Morgan is not in my classes anymore, and Sam is in my math class, I instantly took him as a replacement.

But today I saw Morgan, and I also realized how it feels not to have Sam around, and yeah... Sam is HOT, but something tells me it is not meant to be, it is not worth it, and it is a waste of time. Actually, there is always something in my head telling me that nothing is going to happen, but sometimes, like in Morgan or Mason's case, there is also something else that tells me that even though there are no chances with them, it is worth the wait and the try. This time, I just feel like it is useless. Like I said, it is a replacement. And replacements are never as good as the original copies.

So as Morgan comes back, I'm sorry to tell ya Sam, but you are out.

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