Friday, November 4, 2011

The In Crowd - Mitchel Musso

Spin away the combination for the last time.
Say goodbye to this year.
I wish I could avoid the empty summer days that await me.
They'll fake a smile goodbye, celebrating their new freedom.
I sit alone on the couch
Wondering why,

I wonder what its like to have it all
To never be afraid that I would fall

But I dont think I've ever known a time
That I was part of the in crowd

Here we go another day another disgrace.
Fall flat on my face,
I wish I had a bunch of money
Catch a plane head out west
Go on and play around
All full of the fans and freedom
I sit alone on the couch
Wondering why

Doesnt anyone here live an original life
What did you surrender to be on the inside,
When you disappear they wont remember your name
And you'll fade away and someone takes your place.

I dont need anything that I cant find in me
All my life, I have been, out of line, at the end
Waiting for something more something new to begin
Waiting for something more someway to fit in

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