Saturday, November 5, 2011


Francie was different.
Francie came from a different place
she didn't know the rules yet
She wanted to belong there
She wanted to show her inner soul
Francie wanted them to know
that she was not what they thought she was

Nobody judged her
Nobody did not like her
But nobody loved her either
Nobody could see her
She was invicible
And she was also very mysterious
They did not know her
And she did not know them

They were all from different worlds
Even if they were part of the same show
Francie was clearly different
One simple word, and she would become weird

She knew she was lonley
She knew she was not like them
She did not have friends
And she could not open up her self

Francie wanted to belong
Francie wanted to fit in
But no matter what she did
She could never talk to him

Francie came out nowhere
And just like she arrived, she left
She went back to her strange place
Nobody knew where to find her
Nobody knew where she went
But one day, Francie was gone
Along with her beauty and her grace

She did not change their lives
She could never be part of their fun nights
But they did change hers
They were like Gods
while she was all alone
dreaming to be a part
dreaming to be someone

Dreaming that someday
she was going to become a Raider

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