Monday, October 3, 2011

Today (From School)

So I'm in italian "working on a project" about italian transportation, which I don't feel like doing. This is a freshman class (I'm a junior), and I don't really know anybody so I'm working by myself. There's a guy that is really really hot, but come on, he is 14, he is a freshman.

Talking about boys...

Sam has the same lunch that I have, but he sits on the other side of the cafeteria. He always walks near my table to go buy food, so he knows where I sit. Today I went to my locker during lunch, and the door to the hallway is near his table. When I came back to the cafeteria, I look at his table to see what he was doing, and he was like standing up, looking to the area where I sit (he doesn't know anybody in that area). He was like looking for something, and it seemed like he could not find it, and then he turned around and he saw me heading towards my table, and he quickly turned around again, and out of nowhere, all of his friends in the table looked at me. I was like OMG. I might be overreacting and maybe nothing happened and he was just looking at a mosquito... I don't know, but I got excited in that moment... I know he doesn't like me though, I'm pretty sure about that. So I don't know what was that.

I saw Morgan a couple times, but I found myself looking for him less and less everyday. At the beginning of the school year I would actually walk longer ways just to see him, seriously, I would always be late for class. Now, I'd rather see Sam, or just walk a little less instead of seeing him. But I gotta admit that when I see him and we have eye contact, it is definitely worth it. It kills me to know that I could've had a chance with him last year and I totally screwed it up.

Anyway, nothing important happened today. It was a good day... I mean, not good, but it was the kinda day that I enjoy because I did not have presentations or anything like that.


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