Friday, October 28, 2011

Good Life

I am starting to realize how much I complain. How many hours I spend complaining about school, about people, about myself, about my parents, about the weather, about food, about my dogs, about my family... about my life in general. I complain, most of us do. It is easier to feel the bad side of something, instead of looking at the bright one. It is easier to say "I'm tired" in school, instead of "I am glad to be with my friends". It is easier to desire what we don't have, instead of looking at what we do have. It is easier to say "You don't know what you got til is gone", instead of accepting what life is giving us right now. It it easier to remember the past or make plans for the future rather than live for today. 

But sometimes I open my eyes and realize how beautiful this life is. How tough it can be sometimes, and how rewarding and enjoyable can be some other times. 

Life is not really about big things, it is about the small ones; those details, those little moments... about the situations that we did not even know where gonna mean so much to us.

With good music, lots of smiles, friends who make us laugh, mommies and daddies who love us, brothers and sisters who are always there, cousins who play with us, grandparents who cook for us, chocolate chip cookies, beautiful pictures, interesting books, romantic movies, a bright lipstick and nail polish, colors, the rain, the stars at night, cute boys, and many other things... how can we be sad?

We are young enough to say that this has gotta be a good life. WE ARE YOUNG. We can still dream, we can still act foolish, we can still make mistakes and blame it on the alcohol, we can dance Lady Gaga or rap Super Bass, we can eat until we explode, we can laugh until our stomach hurts... 

Stop complaining, smile,  embrace life with happiness. Look around, and no matter how hard things are going, you are going to realize and this is pretty amazing.

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