Thursday, October 27, 2011


I'm tired of living in a world with so many unreal and fake people. I'm tired of people who just follow the flow, and don't even care about real friendship any more. I'm tired of people who forget who they are just to be like everyone else. I'm tired of people who pretend to love everybody, when all they do is talk shit behind everybody's back. I'm tired of people who is trying to be cool in front of everybody. And what makes me tired the most, is the fact that sometimes, I'm also like this people.

I think the major factor when you are a teenager that says if you are cool or not is alcohol. I mean, alcohol is pretty cool when you want to have fun, but it's not the main thing in life you know. People go crazy over alcohol. People sneak around just to have a glass of vodka. People call every single person in their contacts to ask if they have alcohol. People make out with horrible guys just to get alcohol. People spend their savings in alcohol. People is just obsessed with alcohol, with being cool, with being like everyone else. People should congratulate me, because I have spent a good amount of time without alcohol, without wild parties, and without nightclubs, and Oh My God, guess what!!!!! I'm alive. Yes, I'm alive, you can touch me, you can see me, I'm alive!!!!!!!!! (I'm being sarcastic).

But alcohol is not the problem. Neither are drugs or smoking (which, by the way, I totally DO NOT support). The problem is PEOPLE. Is the way they change, the way they act, the way they forget about what life is really about, just to be "cool". The funniest thing ever is when they try really, really hard to be cool, but they are just naturally different, and it is impossible not to notice it. I know a few of those.

Anyway, I don't know. This is a random post just talking about fake people, which apparently there are more than I thought, and it is really frustrating. Specially when my friends or people I know become one of those. And like I said, way worse when I become one of those.

Note: Drink all the alcohol you want and have all the fun you want, but if you weren't doing it just for people to see that you are drinking, you wouldn't take pictures and then upload them to Facebook ;)

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