Monday, October 24, 2011


It was a really good day to be a Monday. In English we are studying the medieval ages, which I love, so it was pretty interesting. Math was alright, kinda hard, but I get everything. In History we are studying the cold war, which I also love, I actually love European history in general. I sat in another table during lunch and it was pretty cool. I loved it. I sat with Eryn's friends, and they are in my grade, and they are all really cool, and we actually organized to go to the movies this Saturday to see Paranormal Activity 3. One of the girls has a car and her license, so she is going to pick us up, and we are going to have a GNO. It is gonna be pretty cool. In Astronomy we are doing this project about telescopes, and it was really cool because when we had to form a group, I already had my friends, which does not usually happen. Then in Spanish I felt really good, I always do, of course. And in Italian we didn't really do anything, so it was also cool.

Anyway, my point is that I felt like I am part of the school now. Like I have more friends, like I know more people, like I belong somewhere, and that was what I was missing the most about Argentina, feeling like I belong in that place.

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