Friday, October 21, 2011

To Infinity... And Beyond

When I look at the sky at night, I wish I could see more than what it is shown, more than we can see from Earth. I wish I could see whatever is happening million of light-years away from here. Whatever is going on over there, it is beautiful, it is extraordinary, and sadly, we will probably never gonna get there, and we are never going to be able to experience it. We are not even able to see it with the naked eye. I hate that. My passion for the universe is too big to see only around a few hundreds of stars. I wanna see beyond that. I hate that God or Nature only want to show us a tiny part of the most beautiful thing ever made. And I hate it even more that technology makes it even worse. I live in New Jersey, like 30 minutes away from NYC, the only lights that I see in the sky are planes and the moon.

There is just so much left to discover, so much left to see, to experience, to feel, to love... there is just too much out there that we just don't know. We can imagine it, we can dream about it, but there are some things that we don't know yet, and some others that we will never know.

It is not just the Universe. It is life in general. We just don't realize how small we are, how insignificant we are compare to the whole creation of life or to whatever this is. Even the greatest minds like Einstein, Da Vinci, or whoever are insignificant in this 14-billion-year-old Universe, that has no limits, and that contains an infinite amount of stars, planets, galaxies, kinds of life, etc. How small are our problems compare to that? 

I wish sometimes we could just see the whole picture, like getting out of this Universe and see everything from the outside. I think we might get a whole new different perspective about life. I wish we could get out and see how small everything is, but at the same time, how important it is, and how much it matters.

When I go through a tough time, I just cannot see outside the box, and I get trapped. I end up dawning in a glass of water.  That usually happens because I don't know better. If I could just see how stupid that issue might be, or how beautiful life is, everything would be different. One of the main things I hate about certain religions, like Christianity, is how ignorant they are. It is just the way they ignore some things, and the fact that they love to ignore them. But then I realize that we are all like that. Just like the sky at night, there are times where we cannot see beyond our naked eye, and we do not realize how may beautiful things are out there, and we get stuck in those few hundreds of stars. If some people wouldn't have wondered about what's a little bit further away, we would know nothing. But one day, a bunch of smart guys decided to create telescopes, to investigate, to discover, to know better, to improve... and it is amazing what they found: millions of stars, new worlds, beautiful galaxies... they just found stuff that they never imagined they would find, and that they had never ever seen before.

I think the whole creation is the same thing in different scales. Inside every single thing we see, there are atoms, inside those atoms, there is a nucleus with electrons going around it, just like the planets go around the sun, and just like the sun goes around the Milky Way, and just like the Milky Way moves withing its Local Group of galaxies, and just like that Local Group moves throughout the Universe. The same thing happens in our bodies, there is blood that goes around our veins, going the same exact path over and over again, from the heart, to our bodies, to the heart again. This is why I always compare the Universe with life. They are the same thing, in different scales and with different characteristics, but at the end of the day, they are the same, created by the same thing, whatever you wanna believe in. No matter how long your life is, it is a big thing where you gotta discover stuff, learn about them, and learn from them. Life is probably the longest thing we are ever gonna experience, just like the Universe is the biggest thing we are ever gonna know.

So treat your life the way scientists treat whatever there is outside Earth, or even within the planet. Go beyond whatever you see, go to the unknown. It obviously takes time to find those beautiful and amazing things, but once you find them, you realize that they are worth the time you spent. Just picture a NASA scientist spending decades and decades looking at stars, seeing the same thing every night, feeling frustrated, until one night, he can finally experience a Supernova, or the creation of a Star, or a Nebula, or an UFO. Do you know how amazing that would feel for him? Well, look for the Supernovas of your life, for the Alien that will complete your existence, for the explanations that will answer all of your questions, for the planet that satisfies your necessities, for the star that makes you shine everyday, for the nebula that makes you happy. There are so many things out there that we just don't know, and that we are not even willing to find...

Remember: the sky is not the limit, it is just the starting line.

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