Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Sea Full Of Sharks And They All Smell Blood

"They got their guns out aiming at me
But I become Neo when they aiming at me
Me, me, me against them
Me against enemies, me against friends
Somehow they both seem to become one
A sea full of sharks and they all smell blood
They start coming and I start rising
Must be surprising, I’m just summising
I win, thrive, soar, higher, higher, higher" - Nicki Minaj

The last 24 hours have been extremely... weird. For some reason, everybody did their best to attack me. The all managed to say the right thing, at the right time to just make me feel like shit. 

First it started with one of my best friends saying I look bad in my profile picture, then a kid that likes me texted me saying that it looks like I'm smoking in that picture, and today, Sol, told me I used to be super skinny and now I'm getting fat. I mean seriously, what is the necessity to say that? Specially when her body is twice the size of mine and I never say anything about it. 

Like I said on a previous post, it is just envy. Funny how the picture where I am supposed to look bad has more likes than any other picture of the girl who made the comment; funny how the kid that said that it looks like I'm smoking is constantly saying how hot I am; and funny how the girl that said I am getting fat has her legs the size of two war canons, and is a American wannabe who will never get as far as I got. Yeah, maybe they are trying to bring me down for a specific reason, and even if I know that they are doing it on purpose, it still hurts.

Haters... this world is full of haters.

Like I said before, don't let them make you weaker. Be like Nicki Minaj.

This is the picture. Do I really look that bad?

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