Thursday, October 27, 2011

PRO-LIFE. Say No To Abortion.

Today someone in Facebook posted a video about supporting abortion and making it legal in Argentina. This led to a 60-comment discussion, with different points of views and perspectives about it. I understand that women should be able to decide what to do with their body, I agree with it. But Nature and God gave us the gift of conceiving, of being responsible for ourselves and another human being. There are different types of pregnancy: someone who did not use protection, someone who used it and it was an accident, someone who was not educated enough to take pills, and someone who was pushed to have sex, in another words, who was raped. The only scenario that I could understand, is the last one. Having sex is a risk, it always is. Using protection is 99% secure that is gonna work, but you never know. So for the first two situations, I think that abortion should be illegal and those women deserve jail time. Then, I wonder why would someone push the Argentinian government to make this legal, when they could actually make the government provide more sex education in schools, and give away condoms and pills. So again, even if you did not know how to protect your self from this, it is not the baby's fault.

Reading different perspectives about this such as "I am fighting for equal rights, and women should be able to decide what to do" makes me sad. If women had the choice of killing their baby, then people in general should have the choice of killing someone they do not like. EQUAL RIGHTS, RIGHT? And what about the baby's rights? What about that poor baby that did not have anything to do with it? Where and his or her rights? 

But abortion goes beyond being legal or illegal. What concerns me the most is how a mother can kill her own child. Women in general have a maternal instinct, when they get pregnant they can feel something special with the baby. I wonder how they can be able to decide to get rid of that baby. I wonder who can be that selfish, that ignorant, that cruel to kill a simple child.

I know many people have different opinions about this, many of the readers of this post might disagree and I understand that. All I wanna say is that I don't support abortion. It should be illegal. And I am PRO-LIFE.

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