Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Bitch & The Wimp

 "At the beginning I thought I had lost you. Then I realized you can't lose something you never had"

This is the end of something that started back on April of 2010, and it officially ended on October 2011. And when you ask me what is the thing that is ending, I answer "I have no idea". 

Jake keeps uploading pictures of him and his girlfriend. I denied it, but let me admit it: YES, THERE IS AN ISSUE HERE. I'm a selfish bitch, and what's mine is mine, even if I don't want it, it is still mine. I don't want him, but it hurts me to see him with somebody else too. I am a bitch because if I had the chance to be with him, I wouldn't take it, because he is not my type. But it's fucked up that he started something with me and never finished it. Well, I should not blame him, because I was pretty cold and mean too. But he never did anything to get me. I am not easy you know, and talking to me was not enough, and he never went beyond the easy stuff to make me fall for him. He was not a risk taker, which is why I realized he was not for me.

Let me be clear: yes, I was bitch, I am not easy to get. But he didn't try either, and you don't gain someone's heart by doing nothing. And yes, now it is sad to see him making out with someone in every fucking picture, thinking that he did for her what he never did for me.

It is just sad to see that it ended without even starting.

Well, that was the story of the bitch and the wimp. It was a pleasure to live it, to tell it, to blog it, to cry it out, to laugh it off, and all I can say is... I WISH YOU THE BEST MAN... it is done, it is in the past.

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