Sunday, September 25, 2011

Real Love

"The other day I was at Barnes&Noble and I was walking around the different book sections. There was Medicine, Finances, Fiction, Non-fiction, Children, etc. Then suddenly, I got really surprised by one of the sections, called New Teenage Paranormal Romance. I started to see all of the books and I wondered "since when do girls need to chose between a vampire and a werewolf? Do you remember when you were a teenager? Everything had to be "Now", everything felt like the end of the world or like the best days of our lives, our soul felt older than our body, we did not know what we wanted, we knew that soon we were gonna have to go out to the real world, and we felt weak in front of all of the opportunities. But every teenager wants to be loved too, and when they can't find this, they start hiding behind those paranormal novels, behind vampires and werewolves, and behind celebrities that they don't even know. What they do not know is that they are loved by a kind of love that is not paranormal. There is a kind of love that is sincere. A love that even when we can't see it, we know it is still there, and the owner of that love has everything planned. That love is called God, and all of these girls rather believe in Justin Bieber or the Jonas Brothers, instead of believing in the love that exists in real life"

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