Sunday, September 25, 2011


I was never able to be a hard chore cristian. I mean, I could never really believe in the Bible and the whole idea of someone creating the world in 7 days doesn't interest me at all. I am more of a science person. I believe in the Big Bang, in evolution, and in all of those theories that don't really match the Bible.

But in the past year I started to go to church every Sunday, and to just listen to the pastor preaching and talking about it. He told a lot of stories of God and people, and I that's how I started to believe.

I might not see Him like everyone else does. I believe God is energy. I believe he was the Big Bang, he was the evolution, he is nature, he is the butterfly flying around my backyard, he is the trees growing in the spring, he is the snow falling in the winter, he is the water that I drink, he is happiness, he is love, he is the wind in the fall, he is... EVERYTHING.

I remember praying and saying "God, you know I need signs and reasons to believe, I am the kind of person that needs proves, so if you are really there, show me". On Thursday night I was really nervous about my history presentation, and I was telling my step-mom that  I just needed something that would help me to say "oh, I'm from Argentina" so people would realize that I'm an exchange student and blah blah blah, because I always want people to know why I have an accent, other wise it is just weird. Anyway, so when I went to class the next day, while some kids were presenting their power points, guess what was the background picture of my teacher's computer: A PICTURE OF THE ARGENTINIAN NATIONAL SOCCER TEAM. I could not believe it. I mean, the previous night I was asking for something that would help me introduce myself and say that I am from Argentina, and the very next day, my American teacher had a picture of the Argentinian national soccer team on his computer. What are the odds?!

Last night, the guy that I always secretly liked cliked on "Like" on a wall post that I posted on my best friend's wall saying that he needs to get me a guy. And he liked it. I never even talked about him because I thought it was impossible, and when I asked for a guy, he was the first one to appear.

I don't know, since I started to have a relationship with God, I feel happier. Since the day I accepted that there is a God, my life became less stressful.

The thing is... God has different names. Sometimes I call it "Fate", some people call him Jesus or Budas, some others call it Big Bang, and some others call it Nature. At the end of the day, God is everything.

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