Friday, September 23, 2011


Let me introduce ya to my new boy: Sam.

Let's start from the beginning. At the beginning of last year, Morgan and Sam were both in my bus. At the point I liked Morgan, just Morgan. The thing is that they kinda look alike. So I would always confuse them, so I would see Sam and think it was Morgan. But I did not care about Sam, it was just MORGAN MORGAN MORGAN. Besides, I had no classes with Sam, and I had like 3 with M.

This year that changed. Morgan is dating, and he is not in any of my classes, and suddenly, Sam appeared in Math, almost next to me. I remember that the second day of school I got into my bus, and as I was picking a seat I saw him at the end, and we both looked at each other and BOOOOOOM, new crush. We barely talk, but he just has that thing that I cannot explain. The way he moves, the way he talks, the way he looks at the board... everything drives me crazy. I love the way he acts like himself and he is there, in his own little world. Besides, he is really good at math, so that makes me think he is smart. While I take 25 minutes to do one exercise, he is done in 3 minutes and he gets full credit. I mean, everything that he does, EVERY SINGLE THING, is hot and sexy.

And of course, I figured out how to see him in the hallways all the time. I actually walk the double of what I should walk just to see him.

Anyway, I'm forever alone, so nothing happened. But I really hope this time fate is on my side.

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