Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Getting Interesting

Well, some new things happened with that guy I talked about the other day.

After I posted that, I realized that it couldn't be true, and even if it was, it was not a big deal. He was not doing anything, and I always say that if a guy likes you, he is going to make it happen. So I figured he probably just wanted to hook up and nothing else, and that I had to stop thinking about it.

Last night all of my friends had a party, including him, and my best friend talked to him about it. They were both drunk, but according to my friend, he said that he would like to have some kind of relationship with me :| (wtf). And then he had some weird statuses on facebook and bbm such as "I'll wait for you" or "your eyes don't see me", or stuff like that. I normally would think that's corny, but now I actually think it is kinda cute. And my friend keeps insisting that he really means those things.

As weird as this might feel, I'm starting to like the idea I must confess. I don't know if I would like to have a serious relationship with him, I can't even think about it when nothing has happened yet, and when he is just my friend, and when I'm so far away, and when I have a few other guys that I would like to hook up with, but he is cute, and he knows what he is doing when it comes down to girls, so maybe... just maybe... I might play along.

I was also thinking about creating a label for him in this blog, the thing is, nothing really happened yet, and once I create the label, I can't really erase it because a label means that it was part of my life, and he is not really part of anything, he is not really that important. I'm getting my hopes us, and SOME things are happening, but I don't know, I feel like it is not the right time yet to make him part of this blog. I don't even know if he's ever gonna be important enough to make it here, I mean, if a guy makes it to a label on this blog, he made it pretty far in my life, so I should let him fight for that spot a little bit more... and we'll see how far he can get.

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