Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cool Cars

I happen to like cars. And BMW has become my favorite brand of driving car simply because I am a BMW owner and love that manufacturer. It doesn't mean that I am talking down other brands. I simply prefer BMW. 

The new I-8 (CHECK IT OUT HERE) is something that I'm looking at to replace my 2011 535(M). You might imagine that I don't fit in well with the 'occupy wall street' crowd. I don't feel the slightest bit of shame driving a cool car.

Unfortunately, this is a concept car. The actual production model is due out in 2014. It's an electric car with an engine to keep the battery charged. Sadly, environmentally correct cars aren't cheap. This one picks the pocket to the tune of around a quarter of a million dollars. So maybe, I'll have to satisfy myself with a 'regular car' until I have the cash to throw down.

All the same, the new I-8 is a very cool car.

BUT - no, it doesn't mean that I'll give up my 4x4. It's not a sin to have single-purpose autos.

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