Monday, December 5, 2011


i cant even write right now, this is so funny.

ok here we go. so there's this guy (another creep in my life) who keeps talking to me and i don't even answer just because i hate it when guys don't even know you and tell you that you are pretty and that they wanna get to know you randomly. yeah, those guys are NOT my type. anyway, he kept talking to me and still don't answer and now he came to the media center and he was right in front of me so i tried to hide behind the computer for like 10 minutes and then he walked right by my side, and he saw me hiding, and it was just awkward and stupid. he probably realized I was hiding from me. I was in the weirdest position ever hahahahahahahahahah this is hilarious. but i honestly don't give a damn of what he things so whatever.

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