Saturday, December 17, 2011

500 Days Of Summer

I had the chance to watch "500 Days Of Summer" million of times, but for some reason I never wanted to. I don't know why, it just looked like a weird movie.

Tonight, just like every Friday night, I was lying on my bed trying to figure out what to do with my night, in terms of which movie to watch or if I should eat M&M's or drink a coffee. Then I blogged about Morgan and how everything turned out to be exactly what I did not want to happen. And right after that, somehow, I decided to watch "500 Days Of Summer" and I have no words to explain how much I loved it.

Tom Hansen is the first male character that is a some kind of replica of myself. A Forever Alone, fate-believer, and obsessive romantic guy who just falls for this girl, Summer, too, tooooo hard. The problem is she doesn't believe in love, she doesn't want anything serious, and he respects that for a period of time. He is the perfect "buddy" for a while. They have fun, they laugh, and they are happy. Then he obviously gets sick of that, but still, she never really considers his feelings. Suddenly she starts acting differently, like she is not happy anymore with that sort of relationship they have. Then she breaks up with him and his life just breaks down. A few months later they see each other again at a wedding, and she acts like she still likes him and she invites him to a party. He goes, expecting to reconnect with her and get a second chance, but he instead, he finds out she is engaged. Yes, this is where the viewer hates Summer. What happened with her rejection to love and relationships and commitment? Why did she keep him waiting for her for so long if she was never going to make it serious, and then get married with some random guy she met? And then when he asks all of these things to her, she said something that of course, made me understand the whole movie: "One morning I woke up and I just knew it... what I was never sure of with you". She was not in love with him. The thing is, that doesn't mean it is the end, it is just the beginning. She found her match, one day, sitting at a park reading a book. And at the end of the movie, the viewer understands he finds his match too.

I've learned that "you can't ascribe great cosmic significance to a simple earthly event". Yeah, it didn't happen with Morgan. Either with Jason, Jake, Cody, Sam, or the guy I met in Puerto Rico. And that kinda sucks, cuz it hurt a little bit. But I gotta look around, because I know that I am gonna find someone way better than all of them, who is not going to make me cry as much as these guys did. And that without Summer, Tom would have never met Autumn.

I've also learned that when you are in a relationship, you need consistency, you just need to know that one day they are not going to wake up and feel differently. No matter in which stage of the relationship you are, you just need to let the other person know that you'll be there. It might not last forever, but as long as you want to be with that person, whether as his girlfriend, friend, wife, or sex buddy, you need to let them know that you are not gonna leave. This is something Summer obviously doesn't do, and if you watched the movie, you might have realized that I quoted something Tom said to her.

I do disagree with something though: the idea of fate. The end of the movie says that there is no such a thing as fate. Well, I believe that depends. I'm a strong believer of fate, I would actually say it is my religion. And like Summer said, it was fate that she met that guy when she was reading the book at the park. And it was probably fate that Tom met Summer, fell in love with her, got heart broken, got encouraged to follow his career to be an architect, did not get accepted at any of the jobs he applied for, and finally went to that last interview where he met Autumn. Look at all of the things that had to happen for him to get to his final destination. Coincidence? It could be... but to be honest I'd rather believe I'm with someone because we are meant to be together, because the cosmos and God and nature did everything right in order for us to meet, rather than believe that I'm with someone for no reason at all. I mean, I want to believe that all of those times that I liked a guy and it did not work out was for a reason, that it was all part of a plan. I don't like the idea of knowing I cried for about 7 damn guys JUST BECAUSE. And what really matters is what we believe, because we will never find out who is the winner of the eternal battle between Fate and Coincidence, so whatever.

So anyway, I kinda just told the whole movie, but I do encourage you to watch it if you are the kind of person who is like me or Tom Hansen. Because sometimes we fall too hard for people, and it doesn't work, and we feel like it is the end of the world. But we need to learn that it is OK, life goes on, and if it didn't happen with that one person we thought we needed, it is because life is about to bring someone way better.

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