Sunday, December 11, 2011


Today I got my allowance from September to January. I got it at like 7 pm, and at 10 pm it was GONE. Why? Because I am a shopaholic. Clothes and shoes fill all of the empty spaces of my heart. They give me a reason to wake up every morning and just wear those things. They give me confidence and attitude. They make me feel good when I walk in the streets, or in the hallways of the school. They just make me feel happy, like that's all I need.

Nobody can't understand the way I feel when I have money and I can shop online for hours until I find everything I wanna buy. It sounds stupid and hallow and silly and pathetic, I know. But it's like a passion. Sadly, shopping might be the only talent I have, which is why I gotta enjoy it. And this is just the beginning, because all I want for Christmas is not a guy, is MORE MONEY TO GO SHOPPING!

If you ever watched the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic" then you can understand what I'm saying. That feeling of seeing the perfect animal print purse, that comes with a matching pair of animal print shoes, and combine it with a black scarf, and a big pair of sunglasses... I mean, who can resist that?! Well, I obviously can't. It's like falling in love, but better, because you know you can't get hurt by a pair of shoes. You know that those shoes are always gonna be there for you inside your closet, waiting to go to the streets and shine, waiting to make you feel comfortable, fashion, glamorous, confident, and just... happy.

Last night I went to bed at 10 pm, and I couldn't sleep until 1 am because I couldn't stop thinking about all of the shoes I wanna buy before I go back to Argentina. It sounds stupid, because people usually cannot sleep because of their worries or things they have to do. Well, that's not my case. I couldn't sleep because of shoes.

I am still trying to figure out if my passion for shopping is because I have no life and nobody loves me so I have to get some love from non-living creatures, such as shoes and purses, or because I really, really love clothing and shoes. But anyway, I am a shopaholic.

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