Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Today (Last Day Of School)

So today was my official last day of school in SPFHS. Woow.

The first three periods were not sad at all, I just couldn't believe I was not going to be there anymore. I feel like I didn't get emotional or anything because I haven't really bonded with those teachers and I didn't really have friends in those classes. But then gym came, which was one of my favorite classes because of how small it was. I seriously loved everyone in that class, and I discovered how much I like playing volleyball, it was so much fun.

Lunch was also sad, because it was the last time I saw the people in my table, and they have been my friends since the very beginning.

Astronomy, Spanish, and Italian were really, really sad. My teachers really made me feel special and they showed me how much they appreciate me. In Spanish, the teacher and my classmates recorded a video saying why they are going to miss me and it was the cutest thing.

Then the bell rang, and I had to say goodbye to that high school. The one I hated so much, but ended up loving. I had to take all of the things out of the locker and just walk away.

I know I didn't make a change in anybody's life in that school. I came out of nowhere from another country, and then I randomly left. I didn't make any kind of impact or anything. But nobody in that school can imagine how much they meant to me. Even the people that I've never talked to. Each hallway, each room, each class, each teacher, each person, they all made a change in my life. And I will never forget the mornings that I spent in that school with all of them.

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