Sunday, March 11, 2012


Saturday night looked like it was going to be an amazing night and I didn't end up crying just because I had to pull it together.

It was the first party for seniors (there's one every month) and with my friends we had to go as sexy clowns. We sort of looked like whores, but whatchu gunna du? Anyway, so my boys were all gonna be there, so at least something had to happen with one of them.

We all were in the same bus, all of my friends, the girls from the other class, and the junior guys (including Robert). When we were going to the party, Charly started kissing me on my cheeks, and then he tried to kiss me on my lips, twice. Both times, I turned my face around to stop him, and I said "NOT NOW". Since he has a BIG EGO, he turned around and started making out with another girl, in front of me.

Then I saw Robert, and he didn't even say hi to me, and he ended up making out with some other girl.

And then Charly made out with another girl and he came to me and said "You deserve it", like "now I'm with someone else MUAHAHAHA" you fucking idiot.

All I wanted him to do was have a little bit of respect for me and treat me like a lady. He never did that which is why I'm so upset.

It's like everything is going wrong. And then Val chatted with Robert's friend and he said that Robert didn't really care about me, he just kissed me because I was looking for him.

I spent the whole day crying today because it hurts, it really does, and nobody understands me. But what I was trying to do was to cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it, you know what I mean?


But at least I had fun with my friends, we looked sexy, and I danced a little bit.

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