Tuesday, February 7, 2012


 (with one of my best friends, Val)

I had such an amazing weekend, I literally didn't stop. Friday night I went to a nightclub with three friends (no comment about this). Saturday night I went to two parties and then to a nightclub in downtown with 5 friends and it was soooo much fun, and then it started to rain, like pouring rain, and we were walking in the middle of the streret which was some kind of river, it was the funniest thing ever, I almost peed myself because I couldn't stop laughing. It was 5 am and we were running looking for some kind of roof, and then a friend's brother had to pick us up, it was just so much fun! Then Sunday night I went to a friend's house to have pizzas with friends and it was also really nice.

And during the afternoons I just hanged out with friends, tanned, enjoyed the warm weather, went to the mall, etc etc etc.

I am having the time of my life and I am really happy because all of these is what I get for following my heart. 

Now let's talk about boys.

On Thursday,  Mason texted me, chatted me, and called me to plan something for the weekend (with some other friends), which couldn't happen because I ended up going out with girlfriend, but the fact that he even called me made my day.

I saw X over the weekend, and I expected him to flirt with me or something, and no, he completely got scared and didn't do anything.

And Jake was at one of the parties that I went to on Saturday, and I hate myself for not saying hi to him. I really wanted to see him. I feel like feelings of the past are starting to come back to life, and I don't know why. I don't understand if I am starting to like him again, or he just means a lot to me and I want to see him. I don't know, the thing is that I keep thinking about seeing him again all the time.

I also told my mom about these three boys, which is sort of weird cuz I never really tell her stuff. I guess I just missed my mom a lot while I was in the States and I want to start enjoying her a little bit more.

Tomorrow I'm going to Uruguay for like a week and a half and it sort of hurts to leave my city because I am really having fun, but it is just for a few days, then I'm coming back and I am staying home until forever, I don't ever want to leave again, at least for a few years. After college, I know the world is going to be waiting for me, but for now, I LOVE CORDOBA (ARGENTINA).

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