Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just One Night Kiss

I don't know what happened with me last night. The whole "Robert" thing made me explode and I started crying and I was like "am I really crying for this?". Even I couldn't believe that I was crying for such a stupid thing.

Then I started crying and I started thinking, and I realized that no, this boy is not the main reason. I mean, he is contributing, but he is not the main reason at all. BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY FOR YOUNGER GUYS.

I think I was crying because I'm gonna miss my last first day of school because I'm still waiting for my school papers to be sent from Buenos Aires so I can show here that I did do the Argentinian online school, but I don't know for sure when these papers are gonna come so I don't really know when I'm starting school, while all of my friends are starting tomorrow. Missing school for a couple of days is fine, that's not a big deal. But I really wanted to see Robert before everybody forgot what happened on Friday, and now I feel like that's not gonna happen. And he never talked to me again and my best guy friend told me that it is sort of weird that he hasn't chatted me or something after so many days. So yes, this is what I thought it was: just a one night kiss.


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