Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weeeeeeekend I'm waiting for you!

I think this Friday I'm gonna be singing "Friday" by Rebecca Black all day long! I cannot wait for this weekend. My mom is going out of town and she's coming back on Sunday, and I am sort of staying alone. I mean, my uncle is here but he is probably gonna spend the whole weekend with his girlfriend, and I'm gonna be having the time of my life. It is also the last weekend before school starts on Tuesday, and on Monday night we are all going to go celebrate to someone's house and then we are gonna stay there the whole night and then go to school together and show up and be like "EVERYBODY STAND UP FOR SENIORS 2012, YEAAAAAAH BUDDY". lol.

No, seriously, with my friends we are celebrating on Friday, Saturday, (I dk about Sunday, and Monday. It's gonna be EPIC. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!

This is going to be the perfect end to an amazing summer, and the perfect beginning of an amazing year!

SENIORS 2012 <3

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