Saturday, January 6, 2007

Shaping the concept

I've been surfing around exploring the possibilities of making money blogging. I've also come upon some very creative barter sites; most notable is One Red Paperclip . As much as I love to write, I'm thinking of trying something with one or both of these concepts. Combined?? Not sure about that.
So my first idea is to BLOG about my experiences as an artist and ultimately as a tattoo artist. I know there is a big taboo in the industry on giving away information, but having taken the long road, so to speak, I'm not so sure I believe that a good thing. I think I could offer a valuable service with FAQ's, perhaps do some research on different licensing reg's for different states, counties and cities, offer advice, a calender...who knows what else would evolve??
I'll add this BLOG to the advertising sites and partnerships and hopefully through linking with other tattoo and art sites and BLOGs I'll be able to build traffic and interest. Of course, I'll link to my studio website as well, and perhaps that will generate more tattoo business.
I'd like to do a trade-up BLOG like One Red Paperclip, too, and I have some ideas about that, as well, but knowing my propensity for taking on too many things at once, I think I'll work on getting this one up and running first.

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