Wednesday, January 17, 2007

An interesting life...

   Isn't that a curse?? "May you live in interesting times". Yep. I think that's it. Well, we are definitely living in interesting times. I'd say it's interesting when I can spend an entire weekend at the Body Art Expo, come home to freezing weather and frozen pipes at the old family ranch, and then sit around bitching because I have it hard.
   Hard compared to what?? Compared to the families of the over 3,000 troops killed so far in Iraq? Compared to the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens killed so far?? Compared to kids suffering, orphaned, wounded, starving?? I dunno. But, that is a rant for a different BLOG, so let's keep this about tattoos today, okay? Okay!

       So We attended all 3 days of the Body Art Expo in Pomona, California this weekend. It was a blast as usual, and we renewed friendships and met new friends and saw a whole lotta awesome tattooed freaks! (Just like us).

      Friday started off slow, with the ice and snow storms in the pass (Cajon, 4,000' elevation), but we made it down and got checked into our hotel in Ontario and made it to the show by 1:p or so.

      The Group: Me; my partner/lover, Tam; and our good friend and client, Brad. We were ready. Sadly for me, the artist of several of my tattoos including my back piece in process, Judy Parker of Pacific Tattoo , was not there. Seems the promoters changed the usual date of the first weekend of the month for the show to the second, and it was a conflict for her. Bummer for me. (Not to mention that the first weekend in Jan was a beautiful, warm, sun-shiney one! Darn promoters) But I was prepared for a good time nonetheless. Shopping for supplies, and maybe, just maybe, a lil black work from Su'a Freewind of Black Wave Tattoo.

      And, I was determined to be brave and stand by the sidelines while a couple of my clients entered my/their ink in the contests. *shudder, shivvver* I was nervous!

      Friday was slow, wandering around the mnay stations and checking out the retail goodies. Where to start shopping?? Jimmy from Technical was his usual stylish, self with a great selection of Millenium (Moms); Intenze and Starbrite inks, machines and tubes and more...Superior Tattoo Equipment with its friendly sellers, lots of medical supplies, machines parts and power sources and "starter kits"...(And that, my friends, is a topic for another article in itself) Mithras needles, Iron Horse tattoos and machines, and lots more!

      There were alot of great artists present, but if I start naming names, then somebody'll be pissed cuz I left someone out, so I'll just say go HERE for a list of exhibitors, shops and artists. One of my favorite portrait artists was there, B.Z if you can dig that, and another one sharing his booth that I can never remeber his name, but I wanna say the shop is "Sin City"...I could be wrong, tho...

      More about the show, later. I gotta go edit and upload pics to go with the BLOG.

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