Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Quick Look at the Expo

Whew!! What a day. Yes, the pipes are still frozen here in so-called Sunny Southern California. Nonetheless, I managed to get some work done for my (as yet unknown) Art/Ink/Tattoo enthusiasts to check out. Most of my day was spent editing photos from the Expo. Throwing out the junk, cropping the good stuff, saving for print and upload.

I'm running a new-ish iBook these days, and although it's a lil confusing for we old Classic Mac-users, I'm finally starting to get the hang of it. So finally, dinner's made and the pics are done and I'm kinda I really wanna start BLOGGING tonight? Hmmm....wellll.... (Yes, I am indeed a super procrastinator. Even when I want to do something it can take me forever to get started) So I'm thinkin' I'll start writing after I eat..maybe....

Then I notice this icon in my dock that I haven't really payed any attention to, because I haven't needed it. It's iPhoto. I click. Just to see what happens. I figure with all the very cool things that i-whatever programs are doing in Mac OSX, it's a good chance that this iPhoto does something neat besides upload from your camera.

Now when it comes to assembling things from a carton, (like a wagon, or a chainsaw, or an entertainment center), I read directions. I'm no computer wiz (or is that whiz, like cheese?) but Mac, being damned near indestructable has spoiled me and I tend to wander around clicking things until something happens that I like. (Which can really mess me up if I actually wanna do the same thing twice!!!)

I digress. The point is, that I made this very cool little slide show. Sort of a preview of coming attractions. I'll be BLOGGING in more detail here about some of these pics and people at this event, but I thought this might just whet your appetite. Enjoy!

Please forgive the misspellings. I haven't been able to click my way to a dictionary, yet!

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