Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tribal Snake Tattoos

One can find a variety of tribal snake tattoos according to their representation in different cultures. In each culture, the snake has different meanings. For instance, in oriental cultures, the snake is defined as a graceful creature, while the Chinese snake is an intelligent animal that is long and looks like a serpent.

snake have thrived in the mythology and folklore of various cultures. Snake are most commonly seen in three cultures, mainly the Eastern, Western and the Oriental. The tribal snake tattoo designs are based on the representation of the snake in these three cultures. In each mythological story, the symbolic meaning of the snake changes. Let us explore some of them.

Due to the various meanings of the tribal dragon, these tattoos have become the most popular among all the other tribal tattoos. Tribal snake tattoos can be made in different sizes, though usually people like to have a large-sized snake tattoo covering their backs, arms or legs. The Chinese dragon tattoo designs are some of the most popular ones among people. Before you go for a tribal dragon tattoo, research well about the different designs. It would be good if you can create a tribal dragon tattoo design that stands out from that of others and matches with your personality.

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