Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Celtic Tattoo Design Ideas

Here are many Celtic design patterns to choose from but just picking out a design randomly without knowing its background or origins can be something you may regret at a later date. Here are a few pointers that may help you in your decision.

1.Understand and know the Meaning

Firstly find out the actual meaning of your design so you can select a tattoo that best represents you. Celtic Design Tattoos have a long history that can be traced back to its Scottish, Irish and Welsh roots. So don't be ignorant of what the symbols and signs mean make sure you take the time to research about your design. If you are not careful you can blindly choose a tattoo design that has a meaning that is considered offensive by those that familiarize themselves with Celtic designs. Every tattoo has a meaning behind its design it may be a loved one, a family member such as your wife, husband, child or parent, it may be someone who is deceased.

2.Select the Tattoo Design that Speaks out

A tattoo is a representation of you and what you are all about so when you search for your Celtic tattoo design, and you have done your initial research as to the meanings of the symbols, then let the symbol speak out to you. In your mind you will know the symbol you are looking for even though you may not know it, but keep looking and 'bang' it will jump out at you - it will be the one that tells people who you are and you will know it as soon as you see it.

3.Celtic Pattern Lines

Make sure that the lines of the pattern are observed, you must take into account your body size and the size of the tattoo itself, lines that are too thick or too thin will not look right and may make your tattoo look unbalanced. A good Celtic tattoo design is one with at least a 1cm gap between the lines which allows the symbol definition and doesn't blend into other lines.

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