Monday, May 17, 2010

japanese mask tattoos

The japanese masks are frightening, tragic, and mysterious all at once. This symbol was once used in Kabuki plays. It was seen as being so haunting that it became a standalone work of art. Some people even believe that they can be used to protect a home or person from evil spirits.

The Hannya mask is that of a scorned woman who has become overcome by so much rage that she has turned into a fierce, frightening demon. Some people finding the images to be creepy or even disturbing; nevertheless, the Hannya mask is very popular when it comes to Japanese tattoo designs. It can be made into a full sleeve tattoo when combined with other designs and symbols.

These are only a few ideas of popular Japanese tattoos. They all look wonderful by themselves and combined with other images. They each have deep symbolism and look cool in the process. If you are a guy who is interested in Japanese tattoo designs, then you need to find a talented artist who specializes in this type of art.

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