Friday, May 28, 2010

Aphid Tattoo tattoo on food design

The life cycle of a ladybug is about 4-8 weeks long. Even though it is not extensive, it certainly is incredible. It all begins with the eggs that the female ladybug lays. The eggs are usually laid in or near an aphid colony. When the time is right and the ideal conditions are present, the eggs will hatch as larvae, the first stage of the ladybug’s life cycle. Immediately after it hatches, the larvae feasts on its damaged egg for its very first meal. After that, it may eat any aphids nearby. The larva has of four different growth stages, which together, last for about a month (20-30 days). Now, with ladybug tattoo’s, can’t you see why ladybugs are somewhat popular? I really think ladybugs are a fascinating little creature that have their own unique personality. They are a beautiful and strange kind of insect that comes in all colors imaginable.The funny thing is that a lot of women get ladybug tattoo’s and ladybugs are not lady like in most ways. Their Blood: when disturbed, they release a nasty smelling yellow-orange fluid that can stain walls and carpeting. This is actually their blood. Crushing or stepping on ladybugs will also release this foul liquid, so don’t try it if you’re looking for a fast removal method. They Bite: ladybugs can and do bite. While it’s not dangerous or particularly painful, it can be uncomfortable. Being bit by anything is never pleasing

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