Monday, May 17, 2010

The Allure of Star Design Tattoos

When deciding what type of tattoo to get, a good choice is always star design tattoos, because you have many different possibilities with this type. There is a wide range of areas where you can put a star tattoo art. These range from the lower back to the hip and even shoulders or arms.

There are many different types of stars that you can get, giving you a multitude of choices. If you are leaning towards getting a star, first decide what type you want and then decide location because there are some stars like a shooting star that would look better as a shoulder star tattoo rather then on your lower back.

Another thing that you need to decide on is how many points you want your star to have, especially if you are only planning on having one star instead of a cluster. You need to decide what you want the star tattoo meaning to be. You also need to take into consideration the direction that the star will be pointing. The reason for this is that different directions mean different things. An example of this would be the pentacle. The pentacle is a five pointed star where the top point is facing up and it signifies the Wiccan religion and represents energy and life. Now if you accidentally turn this upside down it creates an entirely different meaning. This type is actually the exact opposite and represents satanic meaning and a darker side. So make sure you know the origin of the direction and you have it pointing the way you really want it.

There is other star tattoo art as well. Like the Star of David which has six points and another star that's used as a magical symbol which also has six points called a hexagram. There is also a seven pointed star that is often placed inside a box to symbolize finite and a fairy star or septagram. This one is also a symbol of magic. Most star tattoo ideas hold a religious meaning to them like the eight pointed star known as the Star of Redemption or Regeneration.

Now that you know stars by themselves hold a lot of meaning and can be quite beautiful, you need to decide if you want a single star or a combination. Well, the star is great by itself it can also be combined with other symbols like the sun and/or moon. When putting different shapes together it can take on a more fairy tale appearance so take that into consideration when deciding. Another option is using various size stars together in designs like shooting stars. Regardless of the reason behind the star, if you are going to have a multitude of stars in one area it is always a good idea to use different sizes. This makes the star design tattoo more appealing. Some really good locations on the body to consider are star arm tattoos and star ankle tattoos.

Stars hold a truly magical meaning regardless of the religious meaning behind them and are extremely beautiful to look at. They are often called the diamonds of the sky and for good reason. They are often times associated with dreams and draw in our attention. They allow you to really express yourself as an individual and can be quite powerful.

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