Friday, July 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #1 Things to do for BAE

Thirteen Things about Thorne's World
13 Things I need to do/pack for the Body Art Expo next week on Friday, Sat, Sun, July 20, 21, 22.
I hope I'll see some of ya'll there! That would be very cool!

Okay, peeples!! I'm doin' it! Next weekend beginning Friday (yep- I'll be missing for a few days around here)-- Ms Thorne, Auntie Thorne-- Thornishness, Thornie, will be appearing for your artistic tattooing pleasure, at the Pomona Body Art Expo, at the L.A. County Fairgrounds (aka: The Pomona Fairplex). This will be my first show as a participant. Hopefully, I'll be tattooing my little heart out! I'll be setting up shop with a friend who will be offering her gorgeous handmade baby items (tattoo style, of course), jewelry and cigar box purses for sale. This list should really be 1300 things to do/pack, but I suppose I'll stick with the meme!!


Make lists:

Grama care

critter care

house care

watering guide

emergency numbers

show furniture & displays


2) Homestuff:

make birdy bread


paint boxes

pay Bills

Do Laundry

3) Reference Books:

fantasy art books

horticulteral books

animal books

tribal tattoo history books

celtic designs

Pinup Books

Old School Flash

Evil Flash

4) Clean:


display cages and joints

rubbermaids (bins and drawers)

all non sterile equipment

brother laser thingy

show furniture & displays

ferret cage

5) Make Slideshows:

a) my ink

b) ink friends

c) ink shows

6) Update Portfolio:

crop prints


7) Sort and Organize:

Make 10 setups



grip covers





salves & lotions

8) Print:

Aftercare Instructions


9) Make Banner:






10) Blogging:

Saturday Daily Feature for SC

Show notice for An Artist's Journey

Next Week's TT

Next Week's WW

Venusday Love

11) Kristens:

take furniture

help finish her projects

layout 10' X 10' Booth Space

12) Ask My GirlyBoi for help!!!

13) Get done before Thursday:


Yikes!!! I forgot what a pain in the ass it is to get ready for a show!!! Oh, well, at least I don't have to design, make and pack a few K $$'s worth of Stained Glass! *whew*!!

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