Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm BAAAaack!!!

Okay, so I'm an ass! I've been home from the show since late Sunday night and haven't gone online for a second until now! The show was a BLAST and a serious success for me! I did some fun ink, met some great folks and signed on a couple of long term clients wanting large pieces! Wooo Hooo!!!
Monday I lazed and slept all day and never booted the computer.
Tuesday I played with my new addiction all day (The Sims 2).
Wednesday I cleaned house, did laundry and began the process of unpacking-reorganizing.

Okay. Now we're caught up to today. Today I'm babysitting my adorable, happy chubbilishous lil Pharoah, and BBQing with the kids whom I've only seen briefly in weeks, so I'm still running behind with my blogging and show pics and slideshows. I promise I'll be up with something with substance by tomorrow!!!

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