Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011 Best Women Tattoo Designs

Now in 2011, you can pretty much find a tattoo parlor in every city, as well as women sporting some pretty great tattoo designs all over the world.

Tattoos in general are now available in more colors and with pretty much any kind of design you like. If you are going to an exceptional tattoo artist, they can pretty much duplicate anything you like.

Women's tattoo designs over the years have pretty much evolved from simple 'names' and 'roses' to outrageous designs like 'flowers down the back', 'the tramp stamps' and 'angel wings'.

Also, women are no longer getting tattoos that they keep hidden. Tattoos are shown in more visible places, and are considered 'sexy' in modern day society.

Some of the more popular tattoo designs for women are:

• Shooting stars
• Butterflies
• Angels
• Fairies
• Flowers
• Chinese Symbols
• Hearts

Some of the more popular places on the body for a tattoo include:

• Lower Back (Tramp Stamp)
• Side of Torso
• Ankle and Top of Foot
• Wrist
• Front Side of Hips

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