Monday, October 25, 2010

What is the Tea Party?

What is the Tea Party?

That's a bit more difficult to define than "Why is the Tea Party?"

A MAJORITY of Americans are outraged that Congressional leaders would demand that the party in power sign an $800 billion stimulus bill without reading it. If you're one of those Americans, you'd find people just like you in the Tea Party.

A MAJORITY of Americans feel that the ObamaCare program is bad for them and bad for the nation. This is another one of those Trillion dollar investments where Congressional leaders mandated that the party in power sign without reading. If you agree that ObamaCare was a horrible solution to the problem the nation faces with escalating healthcare costs, you're going to find people just like you in the Tea Party.

A MAJORITY of Americans feel that the Federal Government is simply too big and doesn't respond to their concerns as citizens, as parents, as co-participants in the Republic. If you think that the Feds need to devolve some of their power to the States where the buck can stop a bit closer to home so you can have a voice in what's done, you'd feel at home in a Tea Party gathering.

Today, A MAJORITY of Americans believe that Barack Hussein Obama does not represent the best interests of the citizens of the United States. If you agree with that statement, you'd feel like you are with friends when you're marching with people from the Tea Party.

The Tea Party represents the MAJORITY of Americans. They have no headquarters, there is no leader, there are no dues, nobody will hand you a machine-made sign or an "envelope" with cash in it for showing up and expressing yourself. Its ranks are made up of independents, Republicans, Libertarians, Democrats, the young, the old, those in between, the rich, the poor, the middle class, all races are there, most religions (except for the Satanists, I think) are represented. They clean up after themselves when they march and don't leave trash around, they sing patriotic songs and want to see the government do what the Constitution says it should do.

The Tea Party (like it or not) is America.

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