Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Day Without Gays

You don't have to be gay- just American!
Equal rights for all!
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We are calling for a nationwide strike and economic boycott by all Gays and Lesbians AND OUR ALLIES, whether straight, bisexual or transgendered, on December 10th, 2008, International Human Rights Day.
Because LGBT workers, business owners, consumers and taxpayers contribute over $700 billion to the U.S. economy each year and should not be treated as second class citizens.
Because marriage should be a Right for all Americans, regardless of gender, race OR religion.
Because until ALL are equal, NONE are equal.
Strike: call in gay, shut down your business, take the day off.
Boycott: don't buy anything or spend money.
Participate: visit for a list of volunteer and/or protest opportunities.


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