Thursday, October 4, 2007

What Tattoo Tuesday is All About (And what it's NOT about!)

What Tattoo Tuesday IS

Well, as you might have guessed, I'm a tattoo artist. I think this meme would be a fun and informative way to find out about people through their tattoo pics, tattoo ideas, tattoo experiences and stories. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that it's up to YOU, bloggers, to define this meme.
As tattooists and especially collectors, we've got alot to say! Often we let our body art speak for itself, but we enthusiasts love seeing other peoples' ink and sharing our stories.

  • Take a photo of a tattoo and tell us about it.
  • Write about what a tattoo means to you.
  • Write about what being tattooed means to you.
  • Know a lil tattoo history? Write it up.
  • Share a wonderful tattoo experience.
  • Share a terrible tattoo experience.
  • Write about an artist you admire.
  • Give props to your own, home town artist. (Include links and we'll spread the linky love!)

You don't need to be some fully sleeved, inked everywhere person to play. Just got one tiny tattoo? Tell us about it. I would encourage even non-inked people to play.
  • Tell us what your personal fears/issues are about getting your own ink.
  • Read what tattoo collectors think and feel about thir body art.
  • Show us photos of tattoos that you find interesting, attractive, frightening or repulsive.
Everybody can learn something! Do Tattoo Tuesday at your blog and then come make a link to let me know you're out there, and to let other folks playing know, too. (As a courtesy to others, please include a note with your link if your site contains nudity, vulgarity or other adult themes).

Now... What Tattoo Tuesday Is NOT!!

  • This is not a rating meme.
  • It's not about "my ink/artist/shop is cooler than yours".
  • This is not a place to be rude or disrespect other tattoo enthusiasts.
  • This is not a place for artists to slam other artists.
  • Or for "scratchers" to pick the brains of professionals.

In Closing...

  • Please be respectful and kind in your interactions.
  • Please don't use the meme as a space to air personal vendettas against artists, shops or other collectors.
  • Remember that your words are your own, whether in your own blogs or as comments on the entries of others.
And most of all, have fun!!

Neither Thorne, Thorne's World, Thorne's Ink, Tattoo Tuesday, Phoenix Rising Tattoo Arts nor the Blog Owner/Administrator are responsible for the content of any blogs, sites, posts or comments associated with this meme.

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