Saturday, March 12, 2011

3D Nail Art

The 3-dimensional objects that are utilized in 3D nails are made up of sculpture powder wherein it is moulded to desired shapes and sizes.These finger nail art are not normal drawing, they are in 3 dimensional. Looks so nice and cute.

Color nail polish and regular Vancouver manicure and pedicure, the creativity of this art is just special. There is limitation to the conventional nail polish. Although it can be mixed with other colors making artistic drawings or art designs on the nail, Vancouver 3D nails emphasize the beauty of fine art and serve as an extension of my imagination. And being a 3-dimensional design, the materials used protrude from the nail; they pop out, unlike the usual color nail polish.

These designs enable me to emphasize off to my friends because they make me feel attractive, fashionable, and artistic.

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